In the Beginning

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In April of this year (2015) I took a Web Development Immersive (WDI) course through General Assembly, which is a 12 intensive week program teaching everything from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Angular.js, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, RESTful routing, and creating and using third party APIs.

I had three awesome instructors: Delmer Reed who was the Lead Instructor, Nathan Allen, and Ilias Tsangaris, and three awesome Developers in Residence (DiRs): Vikash Parekh, Ryan Wilson, and Brianna Veenstra (now an instructor). To say the least these instructors and DiRs and the numerous teaching assistants were amazing. We learned a lot that will help us in our future careers.

Another awesome benefit of the services provided are career counseling and a public profile searchable by any potential employers showcasing an example of our work.

Anyways this is only the beginning and there’s much much more to come!

Another Day, Another City

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