Total Reboot

Denver Skyline

Here it is January of 2016 and this is my second post since the original back in September. Can you believe it?!

A lot has happened since then! Where to begin? Where. To. Begin?

The Car Crash

car damage

Right around the same time last year that I made my last post my partner got into a car accident while driving for Über, thankfully without a passenger, and there were no injuries. A car came at him at high speed and forced him off the road causing him to crash into the rear of another vehicle, as is evidenced from the image above.

Über’s insurance is definitely not the greatest. Between the Oakland PD being completely useless, and the insurance company, we were without income for more than a month while we waited for the car to be repaired. We borrowed money from my partner’s Grandmother to pay our rent and we had to resort to a GoFundMe campaign which our amazing friends turned around in less than 48 hours to much more than we asked for. We asked for about $1500 to pay for the deductible, and enough money to pay for gas to get us to Denver. We got over $2000. For that we say thank you from the bottoms of our hearts! Thank you!

“The Move” or “The Start of Something Good”

After having given up on the idea that was the San Francisco Bay Area, the trip to Denver was a breeze, save for Neesha. Driving with Neesha, our shih-tzu, was challenging to say the least. Everything started out ok, she slept either on our laps, in her bed on the center console between us, or up behind us in all of our belongings. She would whimper here and there to let us know she had to stretch her legs or use the potty, which we were happy to accommodate, but it started wearing thin the next morning.

Dog Cycle

After we started driving it was an almost non-stop whimper, whine, and jumping all over fest. She did not want to be in the car any more. First we decided we would stop in a small town about 150 miles East outside of Reno to get breakfast. We were budgeted for McDonald’s so we went in and ordered. We brought the food outside, made a dish of dog food and water for Neesha, and even shared a little of our food with her. After we all finished we went for a walk/run-around in a big empty dirt parkin-lot where she could run off-leash. This seemed to make her feel better for a while, but this would eventually become a trend throughout the rest of the trip.


Not much to say about that. The rest of the drive was in the dark after we finally got to Salt Lake City.

In April of this year (2015) I took a Web Development Immersive (WDI) course through General Assembly, which is a 12 intensive week program teaching everything from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Angular.js, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, RESTful routing, and creating and using third party APIs.

I had three awesome instructors: Delmer Reed who was the Lead Instructor, Nathan Allen, and Ilias Tsangaris, and three awesome Developers in Residence (DiRs): Vikash Parekh, Ryan Wilson, and Brianna Veenstra (now an instructor). To say the least these instructors and DiRs and the numerous teaching assistants were amazing. We learned a lot that will help us in our future careers.

Another awesome benefit of the services provided are career counseling and a public profile searchable by any potential employers showcasing an example of our work.

Anyways this is only the beginning and there’s much much more to come!